Healthcare Application Development AND Maintenance

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Healthcare Application Development AND Maintenance

Increased competition in the healthcare industry has compelled enterprises to look for a unique requirement that could meet their complete commercial needs. There are many commercial applications which are available in the market for health industries, but not all of them are capable to meet your complete commercial needs. There are lots of things in a hospital that need to be managed efficiently to have smooth and error-free management. Earlier the complete processes were managed manually which was really a very tedious task. Hospitals face lots of issues in doctor management, patient management, staff management, medicine, hospital maintenance and more. Therefore an automated system is needed that could work automatically controlling each and every aspect of the hospital. And, this is possible with Tekshapers innovative health management system. Takeshapers is known to develop healthcare automated solution based on the advanced and latest technology. Our healthcare development and maintenance services include all kinds of technologies to provide you solution that could help to manage your hospital in a perfect manner.

Healthcare application and development services help you in the following ways:

  • Provide custom application development service
  • Application maintenance services like release management, reengineering, upgrading, patches apply and more
  • Enable cloud and mobility of varied healthcare applications
  • Migration and integration of enterprise application.
  • Enterprise web app
  • Mainframe development and maintenance

With every application development of health care, we take care of specific module that we always develop and implement with any kind of software development and application concerning to health care.

The basic functional modules we include are:

  • Patients Management
  • Doctor Management
  • Staff Management
  • Drugs Management
  • Stock & Inventory Management
  • Drug Research Record Management
  • Sales/Purchase
  • Insurance Management
  • Queue Management
  • Consultation Management
  • Consulting Room Management
  • Appointment Management
  • Admission Room Management & Booking Mgmt

Besides these modules, we can add other modules as per your need. Our main motive is always to give you a simple and easy platform to manage each and every aspect of your business. We have a large and brilliant team specialized experts for health application development and maintenance services, so we are fully capable to give your health care business the finest solution.

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